Reinforcement for protection boards

Texbond R 40 is an ultra-light staple polyester nonwoven (40 g/m2) reinforced with glass filaments in the machine direction.
Protection boards are prefabricated bituminized panels used primarily to protect foundations, bridges, underground car parks, etc.
Texbond R 40, thanks to its extremely low weight, represents the ideal reinforcement, making the membrane light without compromising the required tenacity and resistance: a combination of the advantages of polyester nonwovens with the strength of glass.


A protection board with Texbond R 40 is
  • Watertight when submerged in water below ground level
  • Resistant to salt, chlorides and other elements in the earth
  • Resistant to punching
  • Easy to install

Product Safety Information Detailed information and technical datasheets are available from Customer Service.